Our Mission
A beacon of God's love in a changing world - blessing, teaching, saving and healing together.

Our Vision
To live the Great Commission.

To become stronger by showing God's love through worship, spiritual growth, educating and ministering.

To be an inclusive church that is welcoming and open to everyone.

To care and counsel for individuals in need.

Our Core Values
  1. We worship God and celebrate Christ's coming with communion, fellowship and music.
  2. We are God's people in the world.  We show God's love for the world by acting within the community to help the sick and needy as well as to celebrate the joy in our lives.
  3. This church exists to educate children and adults about Christ's coming and God's love for the world and the people therein.
  4. We value the traditions of the Episcopal Church and the Bible as the inspired word of God.
  5. Our church is a place of comfort, spiritual renewal and fellowship.
  6. We strive to be good stewards of our church property and grounds, often making sacrifices in money and time to benefit the church.
  7. Though the congregation is a bit reserved and often modest about its work in the world, we strive to welcome all newcomers.  All people are children of God.
  8. We have great ministries that are alive!